Now What?

Congratulations! You’re pregnant!!!! Well to most women that is a great thing and to others well a surprise. Either way it shows that you are fertile, in some women that is not an ability so count that as a blessing. Now that you have gotten over the + sign or the blue line the next big question comes… Now What? Yep your life has officially changed forever, assuming you are going to proceed with the pregnancy. This is a life changer from this moment on for the rest of your life. Wheew! That’s not a lot of responsibility… Noooooo! Well now that we have realized that, what do you do? Well first step tell your significant other. After that start eating healthy because whatever you eat the nutrients are going to your baby. You are NOT eating for Two your baby just gets the nutrients. You may need to eat smaller amounts more frequently or a little more of a portion in your main meals and have healthy snacks in between. Drink an abundance of water! It doesn’t matter if you pee every 5 minutes you need it and so does your baby!
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Babies and colds

How long does a baby’s cold normally lasts? I was told about 2 weeks but it hasn’t seen to be going away. What did you do to kick your babies cold, fever and congestion away?

Things to try:



Hylands homeopathic cold tablets and vitamin C tablets along with homeopathic cough syrup for babies

The humidifier and steam from the bath


Elderberry drops only for the beginning of the congestion.

If it just doesn’t seem to go away try a few drops of saline in the mouth every few hours. It will substitute for gargling with salt water. Since babies can not gargle the saline when swallowed will help take out the congestion by throwing it up or loose stool. This was recommeded by my holistic doctor Dr. Perlman from Miami Beach Pediatrics. I tried it on my son and it has worked he has been able to take out the congestion that has been stuck in his chest for 3 weeks.